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Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. Satara, had been founded by some of the visionary and well reputed dignitaries from Satara District on 7th March 1963 with the main objective of achieving economic growth of common people in the society and removing financial difficulties in all fields. By Taking an inspiration from the Mantra

Ekmeka Sahayya Karu Avaghe Dharu Supanth 

Let’s Grow By Helping Each Other

and by keeping continuous awareness of the same the bank has been working since last 55 years towards the growth of common people in the society and all types of businesses. Because of this the bank has gained a good public trust and reputed as My Bank from the people of the Satara.

The bank has achieved success in the last 55 years and the share of the bank has gone up to Rs 8.81 crore. The membership count is 39094 and bank deposits are worth Rs 191 crore 50 lakhs and the loan is worth Rs 108 crore 27 lakhs. The capital adequacy ratio (CRAR) is 11.90 percent.

By looking towards the benefit of the common people, the growth of the Bank has increased and has grown into a giant with many branches to support the masses. The rapid progress of the bank is the result of a joint collaboration between members, depositors, customers, well-wishers and the board of directors. The bank’s members, depositors, account holders and well-wishers are the inspiration and power of the bank, because of the very confidence of the people bank has gained respect across entire Satara District.

Janata Sahakari Bank Facilties ATM, Locker, NEFT, RTGS

Day by day people’s expectations from banking field are increasing a lot and so considering this the Bank has adopted a people-oriented strategy at all. Bank has implemented Locker facility, moderate commission rate, ATM Convenience, RTGS, NEFT Convenience, Short and Long Term Various Deposit Schemes. Various types of credits are being made immediately available from the bank by considering appropriate rules & regulations in co-operative banks and Reserve Bank of India. Bank has continued to pursue various schemes like complete digitization of work, banking services etc. The bank is also trying to solve social issues of society through this scheme.

While looking at the interest of the bank’s members, account holders, depositors, the bank has made donations and grants for the development of various social and religious organizations of the society. Also at the time of national disaster, the bank has contributed to the Prime Minister Fund and the Chief Minister Fund. For the valiant brave heroes of Kargil war, the bank and the bank servant staff has handed over Rs 50 thousand to honorable District Collector of Satara. Similarly, the help of fodder camps in drought-prone areas has been done from time to time.

Janata Sahakari Bank Facilties ATM, Locker, NEFT, RTGS

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