Chairman’s Message JSB Satara

About Chairman Janata Sahakari Bank, Satara:

Name: Mr. Madhav Sampatlal Sarda

Address: 343, Somwar Peth, Satara

Date Of Birth: 10/03/1960  – Age: 57 Years

Educational Qualification: B.Com.

Other Posts: Director, Maheshwari Charitable Foundation,

Well Known & Respected Businessman

Dear Customers,

I have been elected unanimously as Chairman of Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd Satara, one of the strong economic backbone of Satara city and district. Bank was established in the year 1963. It has been a long period of 55 years. Till today the bank has 16 branches, and the bank has been actively working in Satara district. The bank has fixed deposits of Rs.192 crores at present and the bank has given a debt of 108 crores. The bank’s capital adequacy ratio is 13% and indicates the bank’s strong economic stability.

The Bank is consistently following the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India and in keeping with the provisions of the Cooperative Act, the bank is marching ahead successfully.

The Bank has implemented attractive interest plans for the depositors as well as running various loans schemes sanctioned in the minimum documents and everyone should take advantage of it. In our bank N. E. F. T., R. T. G. S, ATM, Rupay Card facilities are  available and your ATM card can also be used as a debit card and it is used to buy at different locations. Similarly, our bank card will be useful anywhere in India.

In today’s changing banking system, expectations from customers from banks are increasing very much. They are expecting to have banking based on latest technologies. Our Bank has adopted a Core Banking System as per the Reserve Bank’s instructions. We are therefore bound to provide customer services rapidly and with high quality.

While offering customer oriented services it is also very important that banks interior spaces should provide a great atmosphere. For this, we are currently renovating branches in step by step. Presently, Bank owns 5 buildings and we are trying well so other branches will also have Bank owned buildings. We are moving forward with the aim of expansion of branches & business growth.

Our bank is now ready to take high plunge and it is possible due to the cooperation of all of you. According to the declaration “Collective Efforts Inclusive Growth“, we should actively participate in this effort of development of the bank.

Yours Faithfully

Madhav Sampatlal Sarda

Janata Sahakari Bank Facilties ATM, Locker, NEFT, RTGS

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Janata Sahakari Bank Facilties ATM, Locker, NEFT, RTGS

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