Loan Amount: Rs.2.00 Lakhs

Rate of Interest: @ 13 % with monthly rest. Rate of Interest may change from time to time.

Period :  Course Duration + 5 years but Maximum Period 8 or 9 years including dry period of 6 months.

Guarantor: Two Guarantors.

Purpose of Loan: Course / Degree /Diploma / Hostel Fee along with Computer exp. etc

Application Contribution: Co-lateral and House Property.

Membership : @2.5% of Loan Amount.


  • Loan Application

  • Income Proof

  • Aadhar Card

  • PAN Card

  • Latest Colour Photo

  • Latest Address Proof

  • Quotation

  • Last 12 months Bank Passbook Photocopy

  • Students Profile

Who Can Apply: Parent/s is/are the Applicant and in case student is major he/she is also co-applicant.

Note :

* Loan will be sanctioned at the sole discretion of the Bank or Bank reserved the rights to sanction the Loan.
* Terms and conditions are Applicable
* Initially Loan account will be opened as Cash Credit and after completion of the Course it will be converted in to a Term Loan
* Direct Payment will be made